Saturday, May 5, 2018

Stronger Glutes for Running

I wanted to officially announce that I have partnered with Kinetic Revolution! They are a great group and have excellent rehab programs for runner's that are coming back from an injury. In fact, they have a great program that strengthens your glutes so you can be a stronger, more injury free runner.

Kinetic Revolution has a step-by-step approach that involves activation, strength, mobility and stability that provides runners with the tools they need to find and the fix your weaknesses that have been hampering their running.

Their 12 Week Glute Kickstart Program Includes:

  • Self Screening Protocol - They'll help you discover your weak links.
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Strength Exercises - Build strength in your glutes and posterior chain.
  • Progressive Hip Mobility Routines - Poor hip mobility can be inhibiting your glutes. They'll fix that.
  • Stability Exercises for any Level - Develop hip stability and core control.
  • Running Technique Drills & Cues - Learn how to run using your glutes more effectively.
For just a one time payment of $69.99, you can have a 12 week program that corrects any weaknesses in your glutes and makes you a stronger and faster runner.

Click here to learn more!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018 Asheville Hot Chocolate 10K Results

Did you run the Hot Chocolate 10K in Asheville yesterday?  If not, you missed a great run.  It was also the first year they offered a 5K.  The weather was perfect, in my opinion, and the route had only slightly changed from the year before.  If you'd like to see how you did, you can see the age group results for both races at the Right on Time Productions website. Right on Time Productions did a great job by the way.  Chips on the race bibs activated as you crossed the starting line and stopped when you crossed the finish line.  You'll notice on the results there's a gun time and chip time.

The Hot Chocolate 10K website as of today, still only had the 2017 Results, but I suspect they'll update it pretty soon.  I'm hoping one or the other site adds the overall results.  I'm not positive but I think they announced on race day that they had 800 runners for the 10K but I may have heard them wrong.

All in all, a great race with a lot of great sponsors and I can't wait to run it again next year!

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