Sunday, September 22, 2019

Top Running Questions from Instagram

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I've been gone for awhile.  Sorry about that.  I've been focusing on being active and building a following on Instagram.  You can follow me there at @ashevillerunningcoach.

I asked my followers what their main questions were about distance running.  There were some really great ones and obviously some overlapped but I have answered them all in this eBook.  It is a free download and I'm sure the questions my followers had are questions that a lot of runners have - both new and experienced.

Click here to download my free eBook: Top Questions Runners Have About Running

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Free eBook

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Turning a Negative Training Day into a Positive

So today I tried to go for a run and I just didn't have anything.  Maybe it was 7 hours of tense, white-knuckle driving from the day before due to 7 straight hours of downpouring rain the entire way.  Maybe I woke up too early today.  Maybe it was just an off day.  Regardless, I didn't even make it half a mile before I was feeling like trash.  I know this happens to everyone at some point so what can be done when it does happen?

Option 1: Push through it.  

I don't recommend doing this.  In my experience, you will know if you just need to push through because you just don't feel like running today or if it's more than that.  Rather than risk injury, take the day off.  If you know you're OK, and you're just being a wimp that day, then pick an object in the distance and tell yourself to at least run to that.  Another method I use it to start counting steps.  It's rather hypnotic and often times, when I feel like throwing in the towel, buy the time I get to 50 steps with the left foot...I feel OK and end up running the whole way.

Option 2: Take it as a sign that you need a rest day.  

Have you been running more or harder lately?  You could be over training.  If so, just walk back and enjoy the rest of your day.  But whatever you do, don't get discouraged.  Tomorrow is a new day.

Option 3: Change it up and do something different.

This is my usual choice.  For example, today, when I wasn't feeling like a longer run, I just changed it to an interval session.  You don't need a track to do intervals.  I simply turned my workout to running hard for 1 minute and walking 1 minute for recovery.  I repeated this for 1.5 miles today.

Long story short, listen to your body but also be willing to adapt and change things up.

Happy trails!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Asheville-Buncombe Senior Games 2019

2019 Asheville-Buncombe Senior Games
200m Dash and yes...I was hurting.
This past Saturday, I competed in the 2019 Asheville-Buncombe Senior Games for Track and Field. Let me just say that it was a blast!  I had so much fun.  Family and friends kind of gave me a hard time about competing.  They said that 50 wasn't "senior" status.  While I agree that I don't feel old, I wasn't about to pass up a chance to compete in Track events.  I can find 5Ks and 10Ks every month to run in, but when do you see Track events?  NEVER!!!

I was not familiar with the Senior Games but let just say again that they are extremely fun.  Age groups begin at 50 and go up in 5 year increments.  Everyone was so nice and so helpful.  It reminded me of being on a track team again.  I was the only one in my age group so I easily won the Gold in the 50m, 100m and 200m sprints.  I even tried my hand at the Shot Put.  I'm not positive if any 50 year olds competed in that, so I can't be sure until results are posted if I won a medal in that event or not.

I don't know their last names, but Todd, James, Randall and David...You guys rock!  It was an honor to race with you guys.  Todd was in the next age group up and that man ran like he had on roller skates.  We were pretty even in the 50m but he easily beat me in the 100m and the 200m.  I felt much better about it after finding out that he actually travels around and competes in these games all the time.  It keeps him motivated and in shape.  Randall was a beast.  He participated in every event he could and had a 10K he was running later that day.  James was a long time runner and he and David are inspiration for any runner to stick with it.

As soon as they post results, I'll be sure to update this post and add the link.

Happy Trails!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Drills to Improve your Running Form

Watch my son Christopher demonstrate the various drills that will help improve your running form regardless of the distance you run.  Coming soon, I'll post another video with an old school warm up routine that I still use to this day.  Stay tuned!

2019 Senior Games in Asheville, NC

Photo Credit NC Senior Games
Calling all Seniors!  I just wanted to create a quick post about an opportunity to dust off your track and field gear and come out and compete in the 2019 Asheville-Buncombe Senior Games.  The games run from April 2nd to May 3rd and they have all sorts of events. Archery, Bocce, Billiards, Horseshoes, Cycling Races, Swimming, Golf, Bowling, Racquetball and many other sports including my favorite, Track and Field.

This is a great opportunity to get out there and compete with others your own age.  Age groups this year start at 50-54.  There's the long jump, standing long jump, the 50m,100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m.  There's also race walking, Discus & Shot Put. The Track & Field events will be held at UNCA's track.  Even if you don't want to compete, come out and support the athletes!

I looked at last years results and apparently word was not out as there didn't seem to be any competitors in this age group.  In the past, the games started at age 55 so that's probably why.  I certainly don't feel like a senior at 50, but I think it will be fun to get out there and see what I can still do.  I haven't sprinted competitively since High School.

How It Works

You must be a resident of Buncombe County.  Those that place in the track events (and I can only assume it works the same in the other events) are then eligible to compete in September at the NC State Senior Games.  

How Do I Sign Up?

Entry Fee is only $10. You can find details on the different events and how to sign up at   

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Review of Thorlos Running Socks

As you probably know, I've been a runner since the 1980's and let me tell you, in all the years I've run, the best socks that I've used have been Thorlos.  I like the short style socks like their  J Running Socks.  To me, they just are the best bang for your buck.

Thorlos Socks
Thorlos Running Socks - J Style
When I was competitive back in my younger days, I tried super lightweight running socks that were paper thin. I wanted as little weight on me as possible. The problem, was that between my training and racing, the thin socks would wear out in no time.  Thorlos however, last and last.  I started wearing and racing in them in the mid 90's and I've never gone back.  I actually have a pair of long Thorlos socks, that I don't wear too often, but they are still in great shape and I've owned them since roughly 1995.

While you can find less expensive socks, the Thorlos are definitely worth the money.  A pair of Thorlos can run around $14-15 dollars per pair, but again, you'll have them for years.  Other socks from Nike and New Balance just wear out too fast in my experience.

The padding as you can see in the image is placed in the areas that take the most punishment.  The toes, heels etc all have extra padding which helps prevent blisters and provides cushion to the areas taking on a lot of force.

If there is a downside to Thorlos, I would have to say it's the same as the pros of them: The cost and the thickness.  Now I know I said the thickness was a good thing, but you will likely find that your shoes are tighter when wearing Thorlos.  I recall I even went up a shoe size on purpose just so I could wear my Thorlos.  As for the price, that is just when you buy them, but as I mentioned, once you see how long they last and how comfortable they are, you'll see they are worth every penny.

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