About Coach Noce

My name is John Noce and I live in Asheville, NC.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Education, and significant coursework in Kinesiology from the University of Texas, Austin. I am also a Certified Running Coach.
John Noce
I've run track and cross country in junior high, high school, and college.  I've also run dozens of road races and track meets with distances ranging from the mile to the half-marathon.

I pride myself on running injury free for the majority of my years as a runner. I've always tried my best to train smart. I have known a lot of runners that log all kinds of miles, yet never see improvements, or are constantly injured. I'm a firm believer in listening to one's body for feedback.

How I got into Running
I always knew I was a runner.  Even when I was a little boy of 4, I loved to run and would run everywhere.  It really became obvious to me in the 7th grade.  I was brand new to the junior high school, and one of the girls in class, thought it would be funny to spritz me with her perfume. Obviously, I couldn't spend the rest of the day smelling like a "girl", so as soon as the lunch bell rang, I ran home - 2 miles - in Dingos (a cowboy boot with a  flat front), changed my shirt, and ran back...still in Dingos before lunch was over.

I figured if I could run 2 x 2 miles in cowboy boots, I had to be a runner!

Personal Bests
1500m 4:42
1 mile 5:01
5k 17:47
10k 40:24
10 Miles 1:07:03
Half-Marathon 1:56:54

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