Wednesday, November 30, 2022

60 Day Challenge - Week 4

Here's the start of week 4 and I have gained weight. I started at 191lbs and I'm (as of today) 192.4lbs. 

Too much wine and beer in the last couple of days I suppose. Not to mention fast food and no or little exercise. I'm still feeling really good about my workout last night. So much so, I want to workout again. But I will not. I'll wait until Wednesday to give my muscles some time to recover. 

Day 22: November 22nd

This morning, I skipped breakfast and instead had a bagel with butter and a protein shake for lunch. I know it sounds like breakfast food, but it was 11:30 a.m. when I finally ate. For dinner, my step-daughter made an avocado, egg, spam, rice dish. I just had water to drink. 

Day 23: November 23rd

I skipped breakfast and had a crumpet for lunch thinking that I'd find something else to eat. I ended up getting busy with work and "forgot" to eat. For dinner we had to go out because the chicken I was going to cook was past it's freeze by date. So we ordered pizza hut. I had two slices of thin crust sausage and a cinnamon stick w/frosting.

Day 24: November 24th

Today is Thanksgiving! I went for a 5K run (on my own) because I was too tired to get up early and go to the local Turkey Trot. It actually felt good to run again. Lately I just haven't had any motivation to run or workout. Maybe it's the holidays. Maybe it's the time change. Who knows, but it did feel good to be out again.

As for food...not my best day. I only had a protein shake around noon. We then went to see Wakanda Forever and I had popcorn, raisinets and a Vanilla Coke. When we got home, I went for the above mentioned run and then we had dinner. We had a turkey tenderloin, mashed potatoes and gravy, acorn squash, jellied cranberry (the good kind of cranberry at Thanksgiving), rolls and a salad. I didn't have any rolls or salad. I did have a small slice of pumpkin pie and small slice of carrot cake.

For exercise, I did start the day with a 4 mile hike at the NC Arboretum, taking Hard Times to Owl Ridge, cutting down Rocky Cove Road and heading back to the parking lot via Bent Creek Road. 

Day 25: November 25th

I skipped breakfast and had leftovers for lunch. Mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing & a little turkey tenderloin. For dinner, I had the same. I did take a hike around Lake Powhatan which is about 1.6 miles.

Day 26: November 26th

I skipped breakfast today and for lunch had a Gator Cuban sandwich with bay seasoned fries and a bottle of water. For dinner I had Kentucky Fried Chicken. I had the two piece (breast and wing) with coleslaw. I didn't eat the biscuit. I also had a Mountain Dew. 

While at the mall, Christmas shopping, I had a Great American Cookie Company chocolate chip Double Doozie with a Coke.

For exercise I did hike almost 4 miles (3.8) on a trail to an old homestead ruin; The Rattlesnake Lodge. 

Day 27: November 27th

I skipped breakfast today. Had just a croissant for lunch as I wasn't hungry at all. For dinner, I had a crab cake sandwich and potatoes at home with water to drink. 

Day 28: November 28th

Today was rough. I had to be on the road at 6 a.m. to travel for work. I worked all day and then had a 2 hour drive home so it was late when I got back. I got a sausage Mcmuffin, hash brown and Orange Juice for breakfast. For lunch I had Pho Soup....Thai soup of some kind with beef broth, beef & noodles. For dinner, I had a coke and 10 Chicken nuggets. No fries. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

60 Day Challenge - Week 3

While the election is over, this week has been/will be all about getting ready to present the final results. We call this 10 day period after Election Day "Canvass'. 

Day 15: November 15th

I skipped breakfast and had a McDonald's 2 cheeseburger meal with fries and a Coke for lunch. For dinner, I had a bowl of homemade chili with cheese and some homemade bread w/butter. 

For exercise, I did my weight routine. 2 sets of  10 for Overhead press, curls, side and front arm raises.

Day 16: November 16th

I skipped breakfast and had leftover chili for lunch. Dinner was homemade salmon and potatoes. I didn't do any exercise. 

Day 17: November 17th

I had a McDonald's sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin with a hash brown and orange juice for breakfast. I basically skipped lunch although I did have a Snickers bar and a Coke while driving. For dinner I had Zaxby's for dinner. I ate the 5 fingers chicken plate with fries and a Coke. However the Coke was really bad tasting so I dumped it out. Only had a few sips. Guess the Universe is telling me I've been doing HORRIBLE on cutting out sodas during this challenge. I didn't do any exercise today. 

Day 18: November 18th

Today was Canvass. This is the day we certify the election results as being accurate and officially announce the winners. 

I had a McDonald's sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin with a hash brown and orange juice for breakfast again. My plan was to skip lunch but instead I had a Dairy Queen cheeseburger, fries, medium Coke and a hot fudge sundae. Talk about a 180 turn in my decision! For dinner, I tried to offset the lunch disaster and had a small piece of salmon, a couple of asparagus (not a big fan) and a small bottle of Sprite. I didn't do any form of exercise. 

Day 19: November 19th

Today is exactly 6 weeks left until December 31st! I have not been doing very well for the first 18 days of this challenge. I have been a little better on doing my weights, but my running has been non-existent. I need to get focused. 

I actually slept in today...first time in what feels like forever....and woke up really hungry. I had a crumpet with butter and then a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter shortly after. I skipped lunch today and instead went for a 4 mile hike with my wife. We have a date planned for tonight. It's the end of Nurse Practitioner Week and the end of my election season so I wanted to do something nice for her. I feel like I haven't been home and able to do stuff with her in what feels like forever so I want to make it up to her. 

    Update to Nov. 19th

For dinner, we went to a restaurant in Black Mountain called Milton's Cuisine & Cocktails. I had mashed sweet potatoes and venison. In the past, I've not liked venison as it always tasted very gamey to me. But I was trying to go out of comfort zone and try "new" things. It was really good and tender. I've since read that if it's cooked right, it shouldn't taste gamey. Good job chef! I also had a mixed drink at the bar and then 2 glasses of wine with dinner. We got a bottle to celebrate.

Day 20: November 20th

Today is 6 weeks until January 1st. I really need to get serious. I haven't even lost any weight since I started this 60 day challenge. 

I ate a late breakfast today...about 11:30 a.m. and had a bagel with butter and two strips of bacon. I didn't eat a lunch since breakfast was so late. For dinner, I went a little crazy. We went to Carabba's and I had the Trio with lasagna, chicken parmesan and fettuccine Alfredo and a Blue Moon beer.

Day 21: November 21st 

I skipped breakfast today. I was rather busy and so I only had a crumpet and a protein shake for lunch. For dinner, I had a Sonic double cheeseburger, tots and a medium Coke (which was all ice so I don't feel too guilty about it).

Tonight, I actually did a full workout. I did two sets of each exercise and 10 reps each. I used my wife's exercise ball as a bench and did bench press followed by bent over rows. I then did arm curls and triceps extensions. Next, I did side and front raises. That covered my upper body. For my lower body, I tried to do deadlifts but my form wasn't good at all because I've been having some back pain so they turned into more of squat like exercise. Overall, the workout didn't take long at all and I felt good for having done it.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

60 Day Challenge - Week Two

It's Election Day! 

My last crazy day hopefully. Typically, the ten days during Canvass are pretty calm. Everything with this election should be wrapped up on November 18th. However, once today is over, I will have no excuses not to run and workout as I plan.

Day 8: November 8th

I skipped breakfast today. I was up at 5 a.m. after working until 10:45 last night. I was home by 11 p.m. but went straight to bed. I had pizza 2 slices of pizza for lunch from Papa John's, and another slice for dinner, courtesy of the county I was assisting. I did not esxercise.

Day 9: November 9th

Woke up this morning totally exhausted! I could have slept all day but it was back to work. For breakfast, I had a piece of toast with butter. For lunch, I had a deli sliced chicken sandwich with mayo on Keto bread, which actually wasn't bad at all. Sometimes, "healthy" breads taste like dry cardboard. For dinner, I made spaghetti and meatballs and had a beer. I did eat 3 Oreos and a couple of pieces of Halloween candy. 

Day 10: November 10th

Woke up this morning more awake but still really tired. I think 3 weeks of late nights and non-stop work just wiped me out. So needless to say, I didn't run. So far, I've only run once during this challenge and that was the first day. However, I did use my weights. I did arm curls, overhead presses and front and side raises. 

Anyway, I skipped breakfast. For lunch I had leftover spaghetti and meatballs. For dinner, we had an Aldi cauliflower crust veggie pizza and a cauliflower crust pepperoni pizza. I had 2 slices of peperoni and 2 slices of veggie. They aren't that big. I have had a lot of chocolate covered donut holes today. Probably about 10. I really need my wife to stop buying snacks. 

Day 11: November 11th

I skipped breakfast this morning and had a McRib combo meal with fries and a medium Coke for lunch. For dinner I had an eight piece sushi deluxe plate from a Japanese restaurant in town. 2 Tuna, 2 salmon, 2 yellowtail and I'm not sure what the other fish was, but it was really good. I didn't exercise.

Day 12: November 12th

I skipped breakfast today. For lunch, I met my daughter and her boyfriend for wings and a beer. For dinner, I had a steak burrito from Chipotle with black beans, white rice, cheese and Guacamole.

For exercise, I did two sets of my weights. 10 x 20 lbs for Curls & overhead presses, and 10 x 5lbs side and front raises. 

Day 13: November 13th

I skipped breakfast and had Popeye's for lunch. I had the chicken sandwich, fries and a Coke plus 4 chocolate beignets. For dinner I had a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy's. No fries. Cheerwine to drink. 

For exercise today, my wife and I took a short hike around a lake. 1.5 miles give or take. 

Day 14: November 14th

For breakfast, I had two pieces of toast with butter. For lunch I had 2 slices of leftover pizza from last Thursday. Dinner was a grilled chicken sandwich from Chick Fil-a and a bottle of Cheerwine to drink. No exercise today.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

60 Day Challenge - Week 1

Well, here I go again...even though the first week of November is super chaotic with work, I liked the sound of a 60 Day challenge so here we go. I started on November 1st and will finish on December 31st.

My 100 day challenge went OK. I did lose weight, just not as much as I had hoped. I lost 7.4 lbs and went from 197.2 to 189.8. I am starting this challenge (post birthday and Halloween) at 191 lbs. Which is still 6.2 lbs less than I was originally. 

I worked seven days this week and a ton of hours so I didn't exercise at all except for the first day. I ate like trash because I was on the road all the time. If not all day, for most of it. 

Day 1: November 1st

I skipped breakfast. For lunch, I went to Subway and had a 6" garlic chicken sub on white bread and a bottle of water to drink. for dinner, I had a small bowl of pasta. I got home at 9 p.m. and had a ton of nervous energy so I went for a run. I ran 2.4 miles and it felt really good!

Day 2: November 2nd

I skipped breakfast. I went to McDonald's for lunch and had the two cheeseburger meal with medium fries and a bottle of water. For dinner, I went to a Mexican restaurant and had a steak taco, chicken taco and pork taco. I had some chips and bean dip too. I had several pieces of Halloween candy (3 to be exact). I didn't do any exercise.

Day 3: November 3rd

I skipped breakfast. I went to McDonald's for lunch and had the McRib meal with medium fries and a Coke. For dinner, I had a Culver's cheeseburger, onion rings and an Oreo shake. I didn't exercise.

Day 4: November 4th

I skipped breakfast. I had an Arby's roast beef sandwich, crinkle fries and a medium Coke for lunch. I also went to Dairy Queen and had a banana split. Later that night at home, I had a beer. Not my best day. I was just really stressed. I didn't exercise either.

Day 5: November 5th

I skipped breakfast. For lunch, I tried to offset yesterday by eating lunch at home. I had some deli sliced chicken, so I had a sandwich w/mayo and some potato chips. For dinner, I was back at McDonald's for a 2 cheeseburger meal with fries and a medium Coke. Still not exercise, but surely work counts for something. 

Day 6: November 6th

For breakfast I had 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, bacon and apple cider. I skipped lunch. For dinner, I was driving back really late and got a McRib, fries and a Sprite from McDonalds. I did not exercise.

Day 7: November 7th

I had a sausage and egg biscuit from Hardees. I skipped lunch. For dinner, I had a Burger King chicken sandwich, onion rings and a medium Coke. I got home around 10:45 pm and went straight to bed. I had to be up at 5:00 a.m. on the 8th for Election Day.

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