Wednesday, November 30, 2022

60 Day Challenge - Week 4

Here's the start of week 4 and I have gained weight. I started at 191lbs and I'm (as of today) 192.4lbs. 

Too much wine and beer in the last couple of days I suppose. Not to mention fast food and no or little exercise. I'm still feeling really good about my workout last night. So much so, I want to workout again. But I will not. I'll wait until Wednesday to give my muscles some time to recover. 

Day 22: November 22nd

This morning, I skipped breakfast and instead had a bagel with butter and a protein shake for lunch. I know it sounds like breakfast food, but it was 11:30 a.m. when I finally ate. For dinner, my step-daughter made an avocado, egg, spam, rice dish. I just had water to drink. 

Day 23: November 23rd

I skipped breakfast and had a crumpet for lunch thinking that I'd find something else to eat. I ended up getting busy with work and "forgot" to eat. For dinner we had to go out because the chicken I was going to cook was past it's freeze by date. So we ordered pizza hut. I had two slices of thin crust sausage and a cinnamon stick w/frosting.

Day 24: November 24th

Today is Thanksgiving! I went for a 5K run (on my own) because I was too tired to get up early and go to the local Turkey Trot. It actually felt good to run again. Lately I just haven't had any motivation to run or workout. Maybe it's the holidays. Maybe it's the time change. Who knows, but it did feel good to be out again.

As for food...not my best day. I only had a protein shake around noon. We then went to see Wakanda Forever and I had popcorn, raisinets and a Vanilla Coke. When we got home, I went for the above mentioned run and then we had dinner. We had a turkey tenderloin, mashed potatoes and gravy, acorn squash, jellied cranberry (the good kind of cranberry at Thanksgiving), rolls and a salad. I didn't have any rolls or salad. I did have a small slice of pumpkin pie and small slice of carrot cake.

For exercise, I did start the day with a 4 mile hike at the NC Arboretum, taking Hard Times to Owl Ridge, cutting down Rocky Cove Road and heading back to the parking lot via Bent Creek Road. 

Day 25: November 25th

I skipped breakfast and had leftovers for lunch. Mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing & a little turkey tenderloin. For dinner, I had the same. I did take a hike around Lake Powhatan which is about 1.6 miles.

Day 26: November 26th

I skipped breakfast today and for lunch had a Gator Cuban sandwich with bay seasoned fries and a bottle of water. For dinner I had Kentucky Fried Chicken. I had the two piece (breast and wing) with coleslaw. I didn't eat the biscuit. I also had a Mountain Dew. 

While at the mall, Christmas shopping, I had a Great American Cookie Company chocolate chip Double Doozie with a Coke.

For exercise I did hike almost 4 miles (3.8) on a trail to an old homestead ruin; The Rattlesnake Lodge. 

Day 27: November 27th

I skipped breakfast today. Had just a croissant for lunch as I wasn't hungry at all. For dinner, I had a crab cake sandwich and potatoes at home with water to drink. 

Day 28: November 28th

Today was rough. I had to be on the road at 6 a.m. to travel for work. I worked all day and then had a 2 hour drive home so it was late when I got back. I got a sausage Mcmuffin, hash brown and Orange Juice for breakfast. For lunch I had Pho Soup....Thai soup of some kind with beef broth, beef & noodles. For dinner, I had a coke and 10 Chicken nuggets. No fries. 

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