Coaching Rates

Whether you're a beginning runner or you run marathons, I will help you achieve better results. Currently, my work schedule only allows for online-only assistance but keep in mind this is a personalized plan, not some one size fits all approach.  I will customize a plan based on your current mileage, current running times and goals.

The plan we create together will focus on your needs.  Some runners have the speed, but lack the endurance. Some are just the opposite. Others, have simply hit a plateau and are stuck in their efforts. With a combination of speed work, strength-training and stretching, you will become a better runner.

Type of Coaching Session Rate
Written Coaching Plan - 1 Month $25 per month
Written Coaching Plan - 3 Months $50

If you prefer a more personal coaching experience, with accountability, phone/text/email support, consider my private coaching. While it is still online and remote based, it offers much more of the experience of having a coach. Rather than receiving a plan and doing it on your own as above, I will check in with you once per week, make sure things are going OK and of course you'll have access to me any time you need me. 

The rate for the Personal Coaching plan is $499 and covers a complete 12 week cycle. 

Please contact me in order to tell me more about your running experience and goals.

Written Coaching Plans:

I also accept Venmo @John-Noce-1

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