Monday, November 8, 2010

Should I Run When I Don't Feel Well

Sometimes it's hard to tell if you should go for a run or not due to not feeling well. You need to ask yourself, "is this genuine or am I just being lazy today...without sounding like Darth Vader, you need to "search your feelings, you know them to be true!"

Sometimes though, it's more than just a "Should I or shouldn't I" kind of day.  Perhaps you have a cold or a nagging cough.  Perhaps it's an injury that doesn't seem too bad as I recently had.  If it's one of these situations, I would say, when in doubt, sit it out.

Technically speaking, try following the "Neck" rule.  This rule states that anything above the neck (runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc...) means you can run if you want to.  If, however, it's below the neck (anything from a chest cold to foot pain) then take some time off.  Of course, this is a general rule of thumb.  If you really don't feel like running, don't!

I just spent the last 9 days off due to Plantar it if you must.  Basically, there is a ligament in your foot that starts at the heel.  Over-training, poor shoes, and a variety of other factors can cause this ligament to get tight.  Ironically, it can feel fine while running as the ligament gets stretched.  The pain comes after a long rest period.  For example, I would feel great on my run, but the next morning, after sleeping all night, the heel of my foot would be very sore.  It also would happen after sitting at a desk or watching TV for hours on end. For a great video about Plantar Fasciitis, click here.

Basically, you know better than anyone how you feel.  If you feel like running, then run.  If you don't feel like running, then don't.  Just make sure it's not laziness.

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