Saturday, April 16, 2011

Asheville Weight Loss Coach: Case Study 1

I have my first client since becoming a Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist here in Asheville.  I want everyone to follow his progress and cheer him on.  Today is April 16th, 2011.  Michael is a stay at home dad - sedentary - Early to mid 40's.  His stats are as follows:
  • Starting Weight = 166.4 lbs
  • Resting Heart Rate = 66 bpm  (not bad at all for sedentary - Mike is a former athlete)
  • Goal 
    • 145 lbs 
    • Run 1/2 marathon
  • Issues to Overcome 
    • Recent plantar fasciitis on left foot
    • Calf strain on right leg 3 weeks ago
    • Lack of flexibility so prone to further/repeat injuries
    • Poor eating habits
  • Good News 
    • 22 Weeks until 1/2 marathon
    • 22 Weeks to lose 21.4 lbs (1 lb per week) - Very Achievable
  • Mike's Initial "Fitness Do-Over" Plan 
    • Cardio training 4 times per week with focus on running
    • Weight training 3 times per week using body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands
    • flexibility training - daily
    • Nutrition Plan
****Update on Micheal's progress: Micheal was very busy with lot's of things going on in his life.  By the time we got down to business, he had just 6 weeks left.  He still had trouble getting to our workouts and so we had to focus on quality workouts over quantity when he did show up.

Micheal averaged just 2 miles per day for the 6 weeks leading up to the Half-Marathon.  He stayed injury free, lost 3 pounds (he didn't diet at all...) and actually ran the whole way for the half marathon.  While he didn't run as fast as he would have liked, he did complete it - even running all the hills - and felt great after!  Way to go Micheal! 

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