Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trail Running in the Fall

I absolutely love running on trails, especially in the fall.  Going around a lake with the leaves changing colors and breathing in that crisp cool air is just so invigorating.  However, there are some hazards to be aware of when trail running in the fall.

Fall is hunting season in many places.  Make sure to wear bright colors when running.  This way, you are not mistaken for whatever is in season.  If you don't have bright colors, whistle while you run, sing a song, talk to yourself...do something - so it's clear you are not an animal.

Fall is also when the leaves are...well...falling.  While it sure looks pretty, the leaves obscure things on the trail such as rocks, roots, stumps, etc...  These can all be tripping hazards, so make sure to shorten your stride and be alert.  If you do find yourself falling, look toward a soft patch.  We tend to go where we are looking...even when falling.  By focusing on the rock or stump, you will actually tend to fall toward it.  Look away and aim for the soft patch!

Hopefully this helps.  Get out there and enjoy the leaves!

Happy trails!

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