Sunday, September 27, 2020

Quest to Run a Sub-30K

Major Sub-Goal Achieved!

Today I achieved a huge milestone for me! I ran 5.04 miles non-stop! I was so exited!! I went out knowing I was going to run at least 4.1 and then if I felt up to it, I was going to add on a mile loop in my neighborhood. I got back home in 4.1 miles and felt really good so off I went! 

The extra mile actually felt better than some of the other miles, believe it or not. Below, is my YouTube post about my experience today.

So why was I so excited about 5 miles? Well, back in January, I weighed 197 lbs. I could not even run 1 mile without several walk breaks and even then I had really bad foot pain. Plantar Fasciitis is nothing to play with, let me tell you. Don't even get me started on the hip pain!

So what Changed?

A lot has changed! Instead of going out and trying to run like the old me that could roll out of bed and run 13.1 with no training, I decided to be my own client. That's right! I wrote myself a training plan for a former runner, overweight, over 50 with no flexibility, hip pain, foot pain and a major loss of motivation. It was a real wakeup call to see it on paper. 

I started out with just a 1.5 mile loop that I would walk/run and gradually I ran more and more. I started warming up and cooling down, adding some strength training to the mix and stretches for my hip and foot. As that got easier, I added in a long run and then each week or two, I'd increase slightly.  And here I am today, running 5+ miles non-stop, with no pain!

I'm also down to 171 lbs. which I know has made a huge difference. Keep following my journey. Now that I'm back to being able to run a 5K, I'm on a quest to run one faster than 30 minutes! Wish me luck!

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