Tuesday, May 18, 2021

2022 Asheville Hot Chocolate Races

The Asheville Hot Chocolate races are back on for 2022! This is great news for me as it is probably my favorite race series in Asheville. It started with just a 10K, but then in the last few years, they added a 5K option. Now, for 2022, they have added a half-marathon option! 

For those of you that follow me, you know I've been doing self challenges since getting back into running. I broke 30 minutes for the 5K. I've broken 8 minutes for the mile, and now my new challenge, will be getting myself into better shape so I can run the half-marathon. 

All the races will mainly follow the new and former greenways that follow the French Broad River. It's a beautiful run that starts at the Isaac Dickson Elementary school, goes down Hill Street and then mainly along Riverside Drive & Lyman Street. 

The 5K will go down Riverside, onto Craven Street and back along the greenway back to the school. 

The 10K will go down Riverside, along the greenway next to Lyman and into the French Broad River Park before heading back. 

The Half Marathon will continue from the French Broad River Park into the greenway along Amboy Rd down through Carrier Park and turn around at the end of the Hominy Creek River Greenway trail before heading back. 

Just so you know, there are also options for the younger kids. There's a Marshmallow Dash (1,269 ft,) and a 1K Hill Climb.

Being in January, it could be cold (obviously) but I have also ran it with rain too. That was a very cold year and the hot chocolate at the end was much appreciated. 

If you haven't run any of the Hot Chocolate races, I highly encourage you to do so. They are so fun, the courses are nice and flat, which is hard to come by in Asheville, and the participants are the best!

If you would like to run either the 5K, 10K or Half, please use the sign-up link below:


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