Saturday, December 31, 2022

60 Day Challenge - Week 8

 I am starting this week where I was yesterday; 194lbs. But that's better than the 197 I hit last week. 

Day 50: December 20th

For breakfast, I had a McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese. I also had the hash brown and an orange juice. I skipped lunch. I just wasn't hungry after eating breakfast. For dinner, we made chicken, beans and cheese tostadas. I also had grilled veggies to go with mine.

For exercise, I did 10 x 15lb curls and 10 x 15lb overhead presses.

Day 51: December 21st 

I skipped breakfast. For lunch, I had a roast beef, muenster cheese sandwich on an onion roll with horseradish sauce. For dinner, I cooked and made Tortellini with italian sausage. 

For exercise, I did a combo move with my 10 x 15lb curls but on the up position, I went straight into the overhead press. 

Day 52: December 22nd

I skipped breakfast. For lunch I had a grilled chicken sandwich from Chick Fil-a. For dinner we went out to eat at an Asian restaurant called Itto's. I had the Salmon & Tuna Poke bowl with water to drink. 

For exercise, I ran 5 miles. I had planned on running out 2.5 miles and then run/walking back. However, at the turnaround, I felt OK so I thought, let's go for 3. I kept feeling good at each half mile so I ended up running the whole way. It was definitely a confidence boost. 

Day 53: December 23rd

It is in the single digits today so I'm glad I ran yesterday. There was the lightest dusting outside. The interesting thing is that I've been rather sad lately. I know people get seasonal depression because it's cold and grey and gets dark early, but that never bothered me. I think my seasonal sadness is due to it being cold but no snow. I grew up in Minnesota so cold and grey is typical in the winters. I never knew any different. However, there was tons of snow so playing outside was fun. 

But then moved to Miami, then Austin, TX and then to Asheville. All had/have winters, but none really have the snow. Occasionally, Texas and North Carolina have some snow, but it's very limited and not very much. Interestingly, when there is a lot of snow, those are the days I feel the best. Leave it to me to have some weird version of seasonal sadness. weight this morning was 192.6. Last Friday, I had hit 197 and was really pissed. It was my fault though. Fast food twice a day sometimes. Lots of sodas. Lots of sweets. But this week, I reigned it back in and the results make me happy. I don't think I can lose weight during this 60 day challenge at this point, but hopefully, I will not gain any. But then again...what was I thinking trying to lose weight during November (Thanksgiving) and December (Christmas) when I love food and sweets?

I skipped breakfast this morning. I spent the morning wrapping presents, For lunch, I had leftover tortellini and sausage. For dinner, we ate in and made nut encrusted Salmon with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. I did have a glass of "spiked" eggnog with Maker's Mark Bourbon. 

For exercise, I did not run. My feet were a little sore from yesterday, but nothing too bad. It was always crazy cold and I did do 5 miles yesterday after having only run twice in the last two weeks. I did however lift my weights. 10 x 15lb dumbbell curls into a overhead press. 

Day 54: December 24th 

It's Christmas Eve! I know I'll eat a lot today with family coming over, baking, etc...but that's OK. It's Christmas and I'm not going to worry about it. I will do my best to limit the amount of sweets though. 
I skipped breakfast and for lunch I had a steak, a chicken and pork taco. For dinner, we went to Carrabba's and I had the Mahi Wolfe (fish) with garlic mashed potatoes. I also had a winter lager beer to drink and a slice or two of the bread with olive oil. 

At home, my wife baked so I did have cookies throughout the day, but I didn't go crazy. At night, opening presents with my kids who came over, I had an eggnog with bourbon.

I did not exercise. I thought about doing my weights earlier in the day but then I thought "I'll just do them tonight before bed.". I did not do them before bed. 

Day 55: December 25th

It's Christmas! I woke up and had a cup of hot chocolate to get in the spirit. 

For breakfast, my wife made hash browns, sausage links, French toast. For a late lunch, early dinner, we went to a Japanese Hibachi Grill where they cook at your table. I had the steak and chicken combo which comes with veggies, fried rice and a couple of shrimp. I did have a couple of cookies totday too.

Day 56: December 26th

Today, we drove to Virginia Beach. For breakfast, we stopped at a place called Biscuitville and I had a sausage and egg biscuit along with a hash brown and an orange juice. For lunch, we really just had snacks in the car and I had a Coke. For dinner, we celebrated my mother in-law's birthday with Mexican food. I had a carnitas burrito.

I have no scale here in Virginia so I have no idea where finished this week. For exercise, I did 25 air squats. 

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