Saturday, December 31, 2022

60 Day Challenge - Week 9

 I am beyond disappointed. I was on vacation all this week except for today, that last day, December 31st. I ate whatever I wanted since last Monday. I had two or more sodas per day. Lot's of fried fish and no exercise. I always make time to run when I go to Virginia, but this trip I did not. It was cold and I didn't pack the right stuff to run in the mornings and failed to make time in the afternoons when it warmed up. I ended this year and this challenge at the HEAVIEST I've ever been in my life. When I first got on the scale this morning, I was 199.2 lbs. About a half hour later I stepped on the scale again and was 198.2 so who knows what the right number is. Either way though, I've never been this heavy. 

 I am starting this week where I was yesterday; 194lbs. But that's better than the 197 I hit last week. 

Day 57: December 27th

For breakfast, I had a bagel with butter and orange juice. For lunch, I had Indian food. I had butter chicken, tandoori wings, rice and naan. I also had a Mai Thai drink. For dinner, I had 10 garlic parmesan wings. I had a birthday cupcake from yesterday and a Coke.

For exercise, I did 25 air squats.

Day 58: December 28th 

For breakfast, I had a cupcake. For lunch, I had 3 slices of pizza. Pepperoni, Philly Cheese Steak and cheese along with a Coke. For dinner, I had fried fish, a crab cake and fried shrimp along with fries and 2 cokes. 

For exercise, I did 25 air squats. 

Day 59: December 29th

For breakfast,  had grits and eggs. For lunch I just had 2 cokes. For dinner, I had a fried fish po boy with fries and a drink called "Ship Faced".

For exercise, I did 25 air squats. 

Day 60: December 30th 

For breakfast, I had a homemade cinnamon roll. Lunch consisted of candy and 2 cokes. Dinner was Chicken Parmesan and pasta at an Italian restaurant on the drive home. 

I didn't exercise today. 

Day 61: December 31st

This morning is when I weighed in at my all-time heaviest...199.2. Talk about upset!

I skipped breakfast. For lunch I had a roast beef sandwich on a Kaiser roll with muenster cheese & horseradish sauce. For dinner, I had 8 pieces of sushi and a mini-Godzilla roll. I actually tried to run today, but only made it .87 miles before my legs felt like solid lead and my shins started to get sore. I walked the rest of the way home for a total of 1.64 miles...again, half of it I was able to run. As if this year couldn't have ended worse for my fitness. 

Signing off now, but I will post a new blog tomorrow.

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