Saturday, September 23, 2023

I've lost count how many times I've "started running".

Starting Again - At the Beginning

Back in July I went for a run while on my anniversary trip. It was a trail run and up to that point I was having trouble with my feet again. Not really the feeling of Plantar Fasciitis, but it was definitely the fascia that was aching so bad. Usually, my minimalist/barefoot shoes fixed the issue, but it was starting to feel bad even wearing them. I thought perhaps a trail run - with softer ground than pavement - would help. OH MY GOD, it was so bad! I don't know if it was the uneven terrain or all the roots or whatever but I couldn't even run a quarter of a mile.  

Fast forward a month or two and my weight shot up to 200lbs! I always had it in my head that 200 was my breaking point. Well, I got there. I joined planet fitness and was working out several times per week, hiking a few days but really wasn't doing great with my diet. And as they say, you can't outrun a bad diet. Well, hell...I couldn't even run. 


In the last two months, I've used the elliptical at the gym - no stress or pounding - and I've been hiking rather than running. It's strange to me that hiking is fine but running was the problem. Anyways, This past week, I bought some insoles recommended by a running store. I know! I know! What about running natural? Well, it stopped working for me for whatever reason so I thought, what the hell. I'll give anything a try at this point. So I put the insoles in my Altras, (minimalist shoe with wide toe box - but not a  barefoot shoe) and went for a run. On Monday, I ran a mile, non-stop. I was so happy! Yes, there was some aches on the bottom of my foot, but nothing that was "painful". On Tuesday, I went for a hike. Wednesday, I tried another run and felt really good. Not sure what was different, but I the same mile and took a minute and half off my time from Monday. I really wasn't trying. I was running at a pace that felt good. Thursday, I went for a hike again and Friday and ran another mile non-stop. Not as fast as Wednesday's run, but that's totally fine with me. 

The last few weeks I've been trying to eat better too. I have found that logging what I eat into my Fitbit app helps with the accountability aspect. I can see the calories, the macros, etc. I've been avoiding - but not eliminating - fried foods, sweets and fast foods. I've done a good job cutting out Coke's too, which I swear cause my belly to blow up. Maybe it's the carbonation or something, but I swear when I drink a soda - even a zero sugar one - that I get belly-bloat. Yes- I did try Coke Zero even though you all know how I feel about fake sweeteners. 

Is it Working?

So, has working out, running and hiking and eating a little better helped? Today, I was down to 194lbs! I know it's only six pounds, but it's progress and I'll take it. 

Again, I've not eliminated fast foods, soft drinks and sweets. I've simply adopted a method of avoid as much as I can. Be strong when I'm feeling strong, but don't beat myself up if I "cheat" on the diet. Honestly, I think this has been the best approach for me. I have a bad habit of thinking I "deserve" a treat or a soda if I exercise, but that's obviously just going to keep me on the hamster wheel.  

It's so strange - knowing what to do, but not finding the commitment to do it. I am a certified running coach. I have a Kinesiology background. I know how to exercise. I know how to eat right. But with a stressful job, chronic running pains in my feet, it's like I gave up. I hit my 50's and for some reason just starting ignoring the advice I'd give any client. Advice I know for a fact works. 

What's the Plan Going forward?

Now that I can seem to run a mile, my plan is to very gradually increase my mileage and get back into running. I will take it very slow so as not to reinjure myself. Writing on here, even if nobody sees it is very cathartic for me so I will keep posting about my wins - and my setbacks. 

Happy Trails!

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