Monday, August 15, 2022

100 Day Challenge: Week Four Complete

Week Four of the 100 Day Challenge

Day 22: Monday, August 8th

Today is Monday, August 8th and it was a crazy day. It was great for exercise. Not so great with eating. At least I don't think it was...

I skipped breakfast. Except for that weird week early on where I kept waking up starving, I'm back to my usual self with no appetite in the morning. My wife and I set out on a four mile hike, but it turns out that the four miles was actually a one-way figure. Our actual hike with the different trails we took ended up being 7.25 miles. It was 93 degrees and the "feels like" temperature was 102! I was sweating like crazy, but it was a beautiful hike at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. 

For lunch, we went out for seafood, because you have to have seafood when you're at the beach, right? It also happened to be happy hour when we got there at 3 p.m. ( a very late lunch and the first thing I ate all day). I had an orange crush bar drink. To eat, I had Four steamed oysters, a little bit of crab dip, and a fried flounder po' boy and french fries. I then split a small piece of Key Lime pie 3 ways: me, my wife and my step-daughter so I don't feel too bad about that. 

For dinner, we ate in and cooked at our in-laws. I had a small pasta dish with chicken sausage and some asparagus with grape tomatoes and kalamata olives for a side dish. 

I'm hoping the fried fish and french fries I had at lunch didn't do too much damage to my progress. I need to be better. I will be better. 

Day 23: Tuesday, August 9th

I ran on Sunday and hiked 7.25 miles in extreme heat yesterday. I wanted to take today off to recover, so I just went out and walked for 25 minutes. Here's what I had for meals & snacks:

Breakfast: Polenta w/cheese and a piece of zucchini bake, which reminded me of a quiche.

Lunch: For lunch I went a little crazy. We went to the mall and they had an Applebee's in the food court. I had a cheeseburger, fries and a beer...but a small one.

Dinner: I had some leftover pasta with chicken from yesterday. 

Snacks: I had two cokes today...TWO...and a small bowl of popcorn while we watched TV. I'm mad about the cokes

Day 24: Wednesday, August 10th

Today, I skipped breakfast and instead went for a two hour kayak adventure. It was so nice, but man, what an arm & shoulder workout!

For lunch I ate cheese and crackers and some hummus. I also had a coke and a boston cream donut. 

For dinner, I ate an Oyster Po Boy and a few fries (not even half) with a bottle of water to drink. I then had a coke later on which I was (once again) not too happy with myself.

Day 25: Thursday, August 11th

In an effort to work off the donut and a half I had yesterday and the cokes, I skipped breakfast and went for a trail run for 47 minutes. It was hot, and my legs felt like lead. After a mile, I had to walk for a minute. After a brief run, I had to walk again. Rather than get frustrated, I just changed my run to a series of intervals. I ran hard for a minute and walked for a minute to recover. I did this the rest of the way for about 2.2 miles.

For lunch, I had fish, green beans and mashed potatoes but no gravy (they were out) at IKEA. 

For dinner, I had IKEA meatballs that we brought home, peas, & mashed potatoes and this time...gravy.

For a snack, I had two small cookies and a coke. WHY CAN'T I STOP DRINKING THESE??? 

Day 26: Friday, August 12th

Today, I skipped breakfast and walked on the beach for quite some time. I'm not sure how long or how far as I didn't take my watch or my phone. I also swam but just a little bit. Not enough to really call it exercise by any means, but it was nice to see if I still had it in me to swim.

For lunch, we went to an all day breakfast place and I had three eggs, hash browns, two sausage patties and some spiced apples. I had passion fruit to drink.

At dinner, I had a date with my wife. And a date we had! We went to a winery and got a flight of wine. Five different wines to taste (each) which was about 2 glasses they said. We liked one of the wines so much we got a bottle which was about another two glasses worth. We then had a charcuterie  board, a steak flat bread (like a pizza) and a beet salad.

Day 27: Saturday, August 13th

Today I skipped breakfast, and had leftover meatballs and mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch. I also had two potato pancakes...also from IKEA.

For dinner, I had a fried flounder Po Boy, french fries and an orange crush drink (alcohol) from the bar. For dessert, we split a piece of Key Lime pie 3 ways. 

During the day, I also had a Coke and I tried a pineapple cider, which was pretty good. I have to stop being on vacation! All this fried food, desserts and sodas can not be helping my weight loss!

I'm trying to be smart and I started out that way. But these last few days I've gone off the wagon with fried foods, drinks and all the stuff I love. I will get back on track after vacation.

We did go the aquarium so I did walk today...although it was slow and meandering as I watched the fish swim all around the giant tanks.

Day 28: Sunday, August 14th

Today we headed home. My wife's family made us omelettes, italian breakfast sausage (I had 2) and coffee cake...of which I had two pieces. 

We then packed up the car and left. We stopped at Sonic for lunch and I had a cheeseburger, tots and a bottle of water. I also grabbed some peanut M&Ms at the gas station for a snack. I did have a can of Coke that we took from her parents house. The last one they had bought me. I felt obligated in some weird way. But that was the only one I had this day and it will be the last!

For dinner, I had Chipotle. I had a Carnitas burrito bowl with white rice, black beans, salsa, cheese and guacamole.

I stared vacation at 188.2. Where did I end? I am not sure. I'll learn tomorrow how much of a setback vacation was. 

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