Monday, August 8, 2022

100 Day Challenge: Week Three Complete

 Week Three of 100 Day Challenge Complete 

Well, yesterday was the end of week 3 of my 100 Day Challenge. Unfortunately, I started Vacation on Saturday and I am without a scale. As a result, I am unable to give a weigh in as of this morning. I can say that Saturday morning, just before leaving, I weighed in at 188.2. Remember, I started at 197.2 so as of Saturday, I was down 9 lbs exactly. An average of 3 pounds per week. 

Being on vacation and trying to eat better is really a challenge but I'm trying. Exept for today...I went off the rails, but that's OK. I'll get back on track. As you'll see, I think I'll be OK. Let's get into the details shall we?

Day 15 - Monday, Aug 1

This morning, I skipped breakfast which as you know is my usual routine. For lunch, I had siggi’s, yogurt and a banana, while I was making a steak-umm sandwich on protein bread.

For dinner, I had a steak burrito with black beans, rice, cheese & guacamole along with a bottle of water. 

As for activity, I didn't do anything today. It was a crazy day and it just got away from me. 

Day 16 - Tuesday, Aug 2nd

This morning, I skipped breakfast and had a Godfather's personal pan pizza & a bottle of water for lunch. For dinner, I cooked and had Spaghetti & meatballs, a Caesar salad & water to drink.

I did cave at the grocery store while shopping and got a Coke Zero. I was just so hot and really wanted a cold drink. As you know, I'm not a big fan of Coke Zero due to the aspartame, but I wasn't wanting the sugar either. 

For exercise, I didn't run. But I did do 10 curls & 10 overhead presses with 20lb dumbbells.

Day 17 - Wednesday, Aug 3rd

I skipped breakfast. For lunch I had a Dave’s single classic and a bottle of water from Wendy's. For dinner, I had leftover Spaghetti & meatballs (a very small amount of leftovers) and a steak-umm sandwich on 1slice of sourdough bread.

For exercise, I again did my 10 curls & 10 overhead presses with 20lb dumbbells.

Day 18 - Thursday, Aug 4th

Per usual, I skipped breakfast. For lunch, I had a steak-umm on 1 slice of sourdough bread. For dinner, I had 2 fish tacos, a few chips & queso, and water to drink. I also had 4 Nilla wafers, 2 peaches and a Belvita chocolate cookie type thing. I'm not sure what they are as they are snacks my step-daughter has. She decided she doesn't like the chocolate ones though so I thought I'd try them. 

For exercise, I changed it up and did 15 push ups & 25 squats.

Day 19 - Friday, Aug 5th

I skipped breakfast. For lunch, I had a Dave’s single classic and a bottle of water from Wendy's. Yes, this is a repeat of just the other day. But what can I say. I like them. I had 8 Nilla wafers for a snack as well as a slice of Sourdough toast with butter while we figured out dinner plans. For dinner, I had 4 slices of cauliflower crust cheese pizza with kalamata olives.

I did not do any activity but I plan on really increasing this on vacation which starts tomorrow!

Day 20 - Saturday, Aug 6th - Vacation Begins!

I am nervous about being on vacation. It's so hard to eat right or even better when I have to eat out even more than I already do. But good news! I weighed in this morning at 188.2...NINE pounds down from where I started! 

Today, I was in the car for about 7 hours so I did not exercise at all when I got to Virginia. 

Here's a summary of what I ate today:

We stopped at a Korean market and I had half of a desert-type thing. It's like waffle batter with Nutella  filling in the shape of a fish. It was really good. For lunch, I had two 2 arepas. One was chicken and the other was salmon. I also had black beans and a couple of plantains as a side. For dinner, I had homemade Shepherds pie & a salad. I regret to say that I did have not one....but TWO Cokes. My in=laws bought them just for me, it was insanely hot when we got here and I really REALLY wanted one. But one was so good that I had another later with dinner. 

Day 21 - Sunday , Aug 7th

I woke up this morning and wanted to get to work. As a result, even though it was crazy hot, I ran 2.4 miles and then walked 25 minutes as a cool down. 

Upon returning, my in-laws had made breakfast. I had an apple pancake thing made with eggs, milk, cinnamon, and sliced apples. It was really tasty but I only had one slice. For lunch, we went out and I did have a Mimosa to drink. To eat, I had a crab ball and a fried oyster melt. It was so hot, that we stopped at Kohrs Bros ice cream and I had a small orange/vanilla cone.

Later at night, my wife and I went on a walk for 25 minutes which was still hot, but much nicer than it had been earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, I don't have a scale that I can use to weigh in so I will have to try hard to stay on track. I have to cut down on fried foods and find a way to cut out these sodas. They are my kryptonite. 

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