Monday, August 29, 2022

100 Day Challenge: Week Six Complete

 Time to Refocus!

Day 36: Monday, August 22nd 

It's just over NINE weeks until birthday! This challenge is going fast. I started out great and lost weight really quick. I was so motivated and doing so well. Then - Vacation. It's been going downhill ever since and it's nobody's fault but mine. 

This morning, I got on the scale and I was 192 lbs. I was 188 prior to vacation and I gained some weight which was to be expected. But last week, I just did, ate and drank whatever the hell I wanted and this morning, the scale said ENOUGH. I'm going backwards!

I skipped breakfast. J wasn't hungry at all. But by lunch I already had dropped the ball. I was on the road and I had a cheeseburger, onion rings, Pepsi (but only took 2 sips and threw it out...I do not like pepsi) and a strawberry Sundae from Dairy Queen. Curse you $7 meal deal!! 

I also had a Coke and a Strawberry/Dark Chocolate Kit-Kat bar. Why? I have no idea. I was still upset about last week and rather than be good...I had the attitude of what difference will it make? That's fine once in a while. But not ALL the time as I've been doing the last two weeks. My motivation lasted a total of 4 hours this morning. WTF???

For dinner, I got back on track and had Chick Fil-a, but I only had a grilled chicken sandwich. No fries. No drink other than water. 

Day 37: Tuesday, August 23rd 

Breakfast: Two slices of pumpernickel bread with onion-chive cream cheese.

Lunch: Ice cream sandwich. Don't judge. There was nothing in the house I wanted to go to the effort to make. 

Dinner: Pistachio crusted Salmon with parmesan potatoes    

Exercise: No exercise

Day 38: Wednesday, August 24th

Breakfast: two pieces of pumpernickel bread with onion-chive cream cheese

Lunch: A can of sardines in olive oil on two pieces of sourdough bread. 

Dinner: I made Orzo with shrimp, spinach, tomatoes, olives and feta. It was really easy to make too..  Here's the recipe: It says to serve cold, but I couldn't wait and it was really good warm. In fact, I preferred it to the cold version which I had about an hour later when I went back for seconds.

Exercise: No exercise

Day 39: Thursday, August 25th

Breakfast: Two pieces of pumpernickel bread with onion-chive cream cheese.

Lunch: leftover orzo with shrimp, feta, olives, spinach & tomatoes. I also had an ice cream sandwich... again. Which is good honestly, because now they are all gone. No more temptation.

Dinner: Tilapia (breaded) with perogies and Brussel sprouts.

Exercise: No exercise

Day 40: Friday, August 26th

I finally broke 192 lbs where I've been stuck all week. I was 191.8 this morning. Heavier than before vacation, but at least I'm trending downward. On vacation I wasn't running like I wanted to, but I was active. Since I've been back, I've just been sitting at my desk working all the time. Not to mention eating whatever for most of it. Tomorrow will be 60 days left of my challenge. Still plenty of time to turn things around. 

Breakfast: Two pieces of pumpernickel bread. One with onion-chive cream cheese and the other with butter.

Lunch: Two Belvita breakfast biscuit packages. One coconut and one cinnamon. 

Dinner: Outback Steakhouse. I had the small ribeye, loaded baked potato and seasonal veggies. I did have a few cheese fries w/ranch, but not many. I had a glass of wine.

Exercise: No Exercise

Day 41 Saturday, August 27th 

I skipped breakfast again today. But guess what?! I went for a 3.99 mile run/walk along a new greenway section. I had to walk several times after the first mile but it felt so good to be out there again. After the first mile, I would walk a minute if I had to, and then would try to run again for as long as could. It was very hot and my legs were super heavy. after a couple of times of walking a minute and then trying to run again, I changed it and told my self I had to run 500 steps with my left or right foot. This is a great method by the way because you get lost in the counting and forget about the running part. It's very hypnotic. I ran 500 steps (only counting one foot) and then walked a minute and I repeated this two times. I then did 600 steps and a minute walk and then I finished with 800 steps. 

For lunch, I had two huge glasses of water and a can of chicken  (think of a can of tuna, but substitute chicken). I had a little mayo with it. It was not good. Very bland but it's all I felt like. I usually don't have much of an appetite after I run. 

For dinner I had a citrus-lime burrito with lettuce, beans and cheese for dinner. I only had water to drink. 

Day 42: Sunday, August 28th. 

I got up this morning and skipped breakfast. 

My wife and I went for a waterfall drive/hike. But before any waterfalls, we went to Judaculla Rock in Sylva, NC. It's a really cool soap stone with ancient Cherokee carvings that date back anywhere from 300-1500 years. One waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls is right at the road. In fact, you can usually drive behind it but today they had barriers up. Not sure why. 

We then went to Dry Falls which is not dry at all. It's a huge 80 foot waterfall with a huge flow coming down. Here, you can park and take a short walk down a path and again, go behind the falls. 

The last fall was Cullasaja Falls which is a little hard to find. There's a small pull=off on the side of the road that could fit 3-4 cars. You can see the falls from the road or you can be very adventurous and a little death-defying and go down what resembles a cross between an old trail and a landslide. But we made it the bottom. Check back and I'll have added some pictures if you don't see them. The hike was only about .2 miles down but it was grabbing onto rocks, tree stumps, or whatever else you could grab ahold of to keep your balance or to catch yourself when you started sliding. Coming back up was actually much easier than I thought it would be. Only had to grab and pull up on rocks, trees a couple of times. 

We stopped at a little gem mine/gift shop nearby and I did get a Cheer Wine soda when we bought some magnets of the various falls we saw that morning.

For lunch...or really brunch, we stopped at a cute little place called the Quirky Bird in Dillsboro, NC. I had a mimosa and a breakfast burrito with a side of fruit. 

For dinner, we went out to eat to a Hawaiian theme restaurant. I had a Cuban sandwich and onion rings. I wanted the fish, but they were out of all the fish. I know, right? So weird. I also had about 3 glasses of water and a Mai Tai drink which was very strong. I should not have had it but it just sounded really good after a day of hiking and driving for hours to all the waterfalls. I then had a mango flavored soft serve ice cream for dessert and a later on at home a tiny Fresca. I think they are 6.5 ounce cans. 

My only real change this week looking back was that I ran yesterday and hiked today. I don't think my weekly weigh in tomorrow is going to be very good. 

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