Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is a BOSU Ball?

Have you been in a gym or a store and seen those big blue half-balls?  You may have wondered what the heck those are for.  A BOSU Ball is a pretty cool workout tool.  On it's base, it is a more stable version of a exercise ball.  You can sit on it and do various exercises.  You can even stand on it while doing various exercises to incorporate a wide range of what's called "stabilizer" muscles.

Flip the BOSU Ball over and now you have a balance board in which you can stand on for balance training, or again, do various exercises and incorporate those stabilizer muscles.

It's a great way to increase the challenge of your existing workout, introduce balance training and get a great workout.  They are not cheap like an exercise ball.  They run a little over a $100 depending on where you get them.

Road Runner Sports has them as pictured below.  If you'd like one, you can visit the Road Runner's site by clicking on the ball below. Join RR's VIP program and get it for less than $100. By clicking on the ball below to make your purchase, you'll also be helping to support this site.

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