Monday, September 12, 2022

100 Day Challenge: Week Eight Complete

 It's getting close. Too close. I feel know I'm not where I wanted to be at this point. I thought I'd be farther in my weight loss but vacation and continuing less than good choices have slowed my progress. 

Day 50: Monday, September 5th

It's been 50 days and I'm down in weight overall. This morning I was 190lbs. I'm down 7.2 lbs but I should be much farther along. I thought I'd be around 183 lbs at this point given a 2 lb per week weight loss. But vacation set me back and then since I've been back, I've not been running and the weights I've been doing have more been to make me feel like I did something, but it is by no means an actual workout. 

I did do better yesterday doing 2 sets of 10 reps for four different exercises, but I can do better. 

Here's what I ate and did today:

Breakfast: Piece of coffee cake. 

Lunch: Chick Fil-A grilled chicken sandwich and I added Mr. Stubbs BBQ sauce to snazz it up a bit. I just had water to drink. I skipped the fries and save calories and money.

Dinner: For dinner, I had a BBQ chicken sandwich at Panera. No other sides or a drink. Just water. 

Exercise: N/A

Day 51: Tuesday, September 6th

Breakfast: Skipped breakfast

Lunch: Chicken Tender wrap with Ranch dressing and home fries.

Dinner: My wife made a pecan crusted salmon with ravioli and a Caesar salad.


Day 52: Wednesday, September 7th

Breakfast: Apple cider donut

Lunch: I had leftover ravioli

Dinner: I had 2 Chicken sausages on hot dog buns, green beans, and a baked potato.


Day 53: Thursday, September 8th

Breakfast: Skipped breakfast

Lunch: 4 slices of Mellow Mushroom Pizza: Pepperoni, 2 cheese and a meat lovers. It was SO good. I should have just ate the two slices I originally took but they were just so good. 

Dinner: I had dinner with my son and his girlfriend. We went to a really good taco place called Que Chula. I had 3 Asada (Steak) tacos and plantains with water to drink.


Day 54: Friday, September 9th

Breakfast: I had two crumpets with butter. They are like English muffins in case you don't know of them. I had tea to drink. 

Lunch: I was driving all over today for work. I had McDonald's. I got my "usual" 2 cheeseburger combo meal with medium fries and a medium Coke. 

Dinner: For dinner, we got Carraba's to go. I had the salmon capperi with garlic mashed potatoes and a Caesar salad. I had a little of the bread and oil...about 2 slices.


Day 55: Saturday, September 10th

Breakfast: I had two crumpets with butter. 

Lunch: I had a Chick Fil-A breaded chicken combo with a medium fries. I ordered a Coke Zero to drink. Better than a regular Coke, but I really don't like to drink things with Aspartame. Plus carbonation in general makes me bloated.

Dinner: In a moment of weakness, I had Burger King. And not just any BK, but the Whopper with cheese, onion rings and medium Coke. It was weird, becuase I was kicking myself for ordering a drink (especially since I had a soda earlier) but it was all seltzer so I threw it out and just drank water. Guess the universe was looking out for me. 


Day 56: Sunday, September 11th

Today is just 45 days to go. A little over six weeks and I'm just not doing as well as I wanted to in both diet and exercise. I decided I needed to really kick my efforts in gear. 

Breakfast: Skipped breakfast

Lunch: I had a southwestern omelet (black beans, sour cream, tomatillos, cheese), home fries and a biscuit with raspberry jelly

Dinner: Tonight I had Fatz Cafe, with my favorite ribs! They had a special, one pound of their ribs with a side for $9.99. I had the sweet potato and I added butter and cinnamon. 

I ran 1.64 miles which took 20:04 and then walked for another 10 minutes for a total of 30 minutes of exercise. 

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