Sunday, September 25, 2022

100 Day Challenge: Week Ten Complete

 I started this week at 190 lbs.

Day 64: Monday, September 19th

Breakfast: I skipped breakfast.

Lunch: Not really hungry so I had some leftover caprese salad, a banana and a piece of sourdough toast with butter. 

Dinner:  I was on the road tonight for work so I stopped at Chick Fil-A and got a Chicken sandwich (breaded), medium fries and a medium Coke Zero...which I only took a few sips of and then dumped it out. 

Exercise: 12 x 20lb dumbbells - Curls and Overhead Presses

Day 65: Tuesday, September 20th

Breakfast: 1 Strawberry pop-tart because my wife wanted to get rid of the box. 

Lunch:  Campbell's Sirloin Burger soup

Dinner: Spinach, goat cheese pasta

Exercise: 12 x 20lb dumbbells - Curls and Overhead Presses

Day 66: Wednesday, September 21st

Breakfast: Skip

Lunch: McDonald's Quarter Pounder w/Cheese and a bottle of water. No fries.

Dinner: 4 tacos, refried beans, chips and salsa and guacamole plus a salad.


Day 67: Thursday, September 22nd

Breakfast: Skip

Lunch: Burger King chicken sandwich, onion rings and a Coke

Dinner: Chicken kabobs, roasted veggies and roasted potato salad with water to drink

Exercise: 12 x 20lb dumbbells - Curls and Overhead Presses

Day 68: Friday, September 23rd

Breakfast: Skip

Lunch: 2 slices of Domino's pizza - veggie and pepperoni and a Coke

Dinner: Cheeseburger and french fries, Pisgah Pale Ale beer

12 x 20lb dumbbells - Curls and Overhead Presses + 10 x 5lb dumbbells front raises and side raises

Day 69: Saturday, September 24th

Breakfast: Skip

Lunch: Pulled pork BBQ, chicken and ribs with baked beans and a Coke

Dinner: Popeye's Chicken Sandwich and 3 chocolate beignets with a White Zombie beer to drink. 

Hiked for 2 hours 

Day 70: Sunday, September 25th

Breakfast: Two breakfast tacos with eggs, cheese and sausage

Lunch: Skipped lunch since I ate breakfast

Dinner: Chicken & Broccoli stir fry (home made)

2 hour walk along the river on the greenways

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