Monday, October 3, 2022

100 Day Challenge: Week Eleven Complete

Today, Monday, September 25th marks 30 days remaining in my 100 day challenge. I have to be honest. I want to just scrap the whole thing and start over. I mean, I have lost 6 pounds...but honestly, I had lost that really quickly. Since then, I've been having sodas...sweets here and there...and not doing a good job avoiding fast food or at least making good choices. I'd say in all honesty, I'm probably about 50/50 when it comes to making good choices at fast food places. Getting sodas and fries is where I usually fail in trying to avoid fried/greasy foods. My weight keeps yo-yoing between 189.6 and 192. 

Early on in the challenge, I did get down to 188.2 but then I went on vacation and got a little off track. But rather than get back on track, I just kept eating like I was still on vacation. Work has been crazy, but let's be honest, that's just an excuse. Going through McDonald's drive-thru rather than going into Subway just another block down is a choice. That has nothing at all to do with how crazy work is or isn't. 

I'm going to see this challenge through. I think it actually paints a pretty good picture of what we tell ourselves are the reasons we don't exercise more or do better. I am definitely (I know I've said this all before...) make a real effort to finish strong. 

Starting weight at beginning of challenge: 197.2

Starting weight going into last 30 days: 191.4.

Weight loss in 70 days: 5.8lbs

Day 71: Monday, September 26th

Breakfast: Skip

Lunch: Leftovers - chicken broccoli stir fry with white rice and a glass of water.

Dinner:  Chick Fil-A chicken deluxe sandwich and fries. I only ordered the fried and no drink...but opened the bag, and there were fries. Oh well. I was good at lunch so should be OK. 

Exercise: I didn't work out today. I had planned to go for a run all this week but then dinner, errands, work, etc...all happened. It's also getting dark earlier. I know. All excuses. RUN IN THE FRICKIN' DARK IF YOU HAVE TO!

Day 72: Tuesday, September 27th

This morning was great! I finally broke through 190. I was 189.8! 

Breakfast:  2 pieces of sourdough w/butter

Lunch:  Campbell's Chicken & Sausage Gumbo soup

Dinner: Salmon w/Brussel sprouts & cous-cous

Exercise: 10 x 25 lb curls & 10 x 20lb overhead presses + 10 x 5 lb front raises and then side raises

Day 73: Wednesday, September 28th

Woke up this morning and I was 189.6! Feeling optimistic again. 

Breakfast: 2 pieces of sourdough w/butter

Lunch: Hardee's grilled chicken club sandwich and a bottle of water

Dinner: Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich and a bottle of water plus when I got home I had a bowl of chili w/cheese that my wife had cooked.


Day 74: Thursday, September 29th

I feel like I'm getting back on track! I woke up today and was 189.2! I love being under 190lbs. My stomach is much flatter and my shirts fit better. Can't wait to get below 180. 

Breakfast: skip

Lunch: Subway's foot long Great Garlic chicken sandwich on white bread. 

Dinner: I cooked and made a lemon-pepper breaded tilapia, spaetzle and a salad with feta cheese, apple slices and walnuts.

Exercise: n/a

Day 75: Friday, September 30th

Hurricane Ian hit Florida yesterday is making it's way up to here in NC. 

Breakfast: Skip

Lunch: Roast beef sandwich and a coke from the grocery store

Dinner: Outback Steak House. I had the small ribeye, loaded baked potato and seasonal mixed veggies. I also had some cheese fries and a large Outback Blonde beer


Day 76: Saturday, October 1st

Breakfast: skip

Lunch: 10 Mcnuggets w/bbq sauce and a coke

Dinner:  Pulled pork taco and a shredded beef taco

10 x 20lb dumbbells for curls and overhead press. 10lb dumbbells for side and front raises. I also ran 2 miles and hiked 3.9 miles earlier in the day. 

Day 77: Sunday, October 2nd

Breakfast: skip

Lunch: Leftover chili and cheese

Dinner: Got chinese food. Had white rice, egg roll and honey chicken (breaded like sweet and sour chicken, but with honey)

10 x 10lb front and side raises + 20 push ups

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