Wednesday, October 26, 2022

100 Day Challenge: The Final Three Days!

Well, it's week 15 but there's only 3 days that actually wrap up the 100 Day Challenge. Again, not as much weight as I wanted to lose, but I have not been consistent at all with exercise. I was not consistent with eating better either. 

This morning, I weighed in at 189.8 lbs. I was down to 186 last Wednesday but I knew the weekend and having company over would nix some of that progress. Hopefully, I will get back to there by this Wednesday, but not matter, what I've lost weight during the challenge!

I did learn, that just trying to add some exercise and trying to eat better most of the time did help. I managed to lose 7.4lbs during this 100 day challenge so far. 

Day 99: Monday, October 24th

Breakfast: Skipped breakfast. 

Lunch: I was traveling for I had a bottle of water and Chick Fil-A grilled chicken sandwich. No fries. I did have 2 mini-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups at the county I went to but I managed to skip the offered donut at the other WIN! LOL

Dinner: I got back into town late so went through Burger King and got a whopper junior, onion rings and small Coke. I also had 2 Oreo cookies & a scoop of vanilla & chocolate ice cream. I don’t know what happened. I just had to be good two days and yet I went crazy tonight. Maybe boredom. Maybe stress. I don’t know.  

Exercise: I missed my morning run. I actually woke up to the alarm but having worked all weekend, I was just so tired. I know. It's an excuse. But I must have needed it. Usually, I am awake and instead of running, I'm just laying there. This morning though, I actually fell back asleep. 

Day 100: Tuesday, October 25th

I woke up this morning and weighed in at 189.2 lbs. A total weight loss of 8 lbs. I may weigh a little less tomorrow. I may not. We'll see...but 8 lbs isn't too bad considering I really didn't do much to earn that win. I mean honestly...go back and look. I didn't exercise that much, I ate out a lot and a lot of was fast food too. 

Breakfast: I had two pieces of sourdough toast with butter. Not sure why, but I was hungry this morning. 

Lunch: I had two quarter pound hot dogs on buns with sauerkraut and spicy mustard.

Dinner: We made salmon, brussels sprouts & stuffing for dinner. I just had water to drink. 

Exercise: I didn't run this morning. I was on call early. But in a last ditch effort, I did do 10 x 20lb curls, overhead presses, dumbbell deadlifts and dumbbell squats. I also did 10 x 5lb front and side raises. 

END OF THE 100 DAY CHALLENGE: Wednesday, October 26th

Start of Challenge: 197.2 lbs
End of Challenge: 189.8
Total Weight Lost: 7.4 lbs

After a full 100 days I lost a total of 7.4 lbs. 

Thoughts: "100 Day Challenge" does sound good, but I think it's too long to truly stay motivated. 100 days made me think, "I can have this treat because I have plenty of time to make up for it." or "I can not workout today because there's plenty of time." I'm going to do a new challenge beginning November 1st. A 60 Day Challenge that'll take me to the New Year!  But more than just weight loss, this challenge will have physical goals too. Stay tuned. 

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