Monday, July 27, 2020

How to Break A Training Plateau - Part 1/5

Far too many runners gets frustrated that their training isn't working. "Why can't I run a faster 5K?" The answer usually can be found in their training plan and the solution is easier and more fun than you think...

The video below is part 1 of a 5 part series I'll be doing this week.


  1. I'm not honestly in a plateau. I'm just here to try and pick up more information for the future because I do want to be an Olympian (the greatest distance runner of all time) and a coach someday. I do have a routine of running to hit my mileage. This week that just went by I ran 49 miles total. Not just any type of 49. Monday- Saturday A.M I run 4-6 miles then I do have p.m runs depending on whatever it is. Sundays I run 8-10 miles. I do push myself. I ran under 5 for the mile in high school. 2:07 for the 800 and 11:12 for the 2 mile. This was never official but I ran 18:59 5k for fun at an event. However, I had a day this year where I ran with a friend and I did 2 5ks back to back. I got 19:12 then 17:18. I know I can run way faster than those. I have mastered the pace of 8, 7:30, 7mins per mile(mastery in which those can always be easily done). Now working for 6:30 and 6 mins.

  2. Heading to college as well for track now. We are D3 only because it's a brand new team. This is where the storm starts.


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