Sunday, July 12, 2020

Proper Fit for Running Shoes

Unless you go to a running specialty store, you may not know if a shoe fits you right or not. Sure, you can slip it on and walk around, but how do you know if it’s right? Here are some things to look for.

Is it the right size?

This may sound silly, but don’t just assume that because your current shoes are a certain size, the new ones will be the same. Different brands, different styles,  even the same shoe but as a newer model can cause variance in the sizing. I have running shoes that are 9’s. Dress shoes that are 8.5’s and boots that are 8’s. You have to try them on your foot. And just so you know, a half size is only about the thickness of an athletic sock.

Is it the right length?

Now that the shoes are on, test to see if they fit in the length. While standing, bend over or have someone else place their thumb sideways on the toe of the shoe. You should have a thumb’s width between your toe and the end of the shoe. Less than this and you can damage your toenails. More than this will cause your foot to slip and you’ll get blisters.  

Is it the right width?

With the shoes on, check the width by squeezing the front sides of the shoes. They should be fitted but not tight like they’ll burst and yet not loose like you have too much material. Another easy spot check is the center where the laces are. If the areas on either side with the eyelets/lace holes are too close or almost touching, that’s a sign the shoes are too wide. 

Last but not least...the “Last”.

The back of the shoe where the heel is at is called the last. If this is too loose, you can use the extra hole at the top of the laces to draw in the heel but try to find a shoe that you won’t need to. That’s just a personal preference. 

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